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by Excrement Face

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A new band named EXCREMENT FACE, ready to spread their excrement across Winnipeg.
Here's a self-titled debut EP demo thing.

recorded 9/23/2014 in Had's basement
recorded and mixed by the bass/vocals guy.


released October 1, 2014

All songs written by us (except that one bonus where we covered SOA)
Chad - Guitar/Vocals
Adrian - Drums



all rights reserved


Excrement Face Winnipeg, Manitoba


two kids from winnipeg

we play fast/short/agressive grind-influenced punk stuff.

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Track Name: Time to Rewrite the Books?
Now I don't care if you've used this riff before,
let's not try to start a war.
aren't we all in this together? Don’t we all need each other?
Try to start a genre again,
this time not let it get out of hand.
Try not to get money involved, ‘cause like the past, nothing will get solved.
Track Name: No More Authority
They tell you how to act, they tell you how to be.
No more authority!
They’ll use their power to do what they please.
No more authority!
Raise your fist, stand and fight
Don’t back down, know you’re right
Don’t get beat by their systems, subvert until they listen
Your power is pointless, and I'm not scared of you.
Police brutality, corruption, dishonesty.
No more authority!
Your aggressive ways, they won’t work on me.
No more authority!
Track Name: Administer War
Going across the sea, fight to bring democracy, but there ain’t no such thing as long as there are countries, deploy your soldiers out to fight, no citizen has a right, conscription crisis on our hands, fighting on the
water and sand.

Administer war!
Track Name: Life Swap
take a life from a first world country, swap it with a developing country, yuppie getting by his whole life while some work hard and have to strife.
Hard work doesn't pay off, now that’s a lie. People searching all day for water, if they don’t find any, then they’ll die.

Life swap!
Track Name: Waste
I’m all by myself and I feel fine, I don’t need you to waste my time, I don’t have money anyways, I'm not gonna throw it all away.
Waste, Waste, I dont have the time!
Not going to devote myself to you right now, It’s not worth it, I’m not gay,
but if you are, that’s fine, but all in all I don’t got the time.
Waste, Waste!
Track Name: I Have TV
I need something to brainwash me, I hate living in reality. It’s super fun, I guarantee, so come to my house, ‘cause I have TV.
Everyone thinks I'm super cool, watching TV while I'm in the pool. Everyone wants a piece of me, so come on ladies, 'cause I have TV.
Track Name: Basmati
Fast like flash
Track Name: Head Shop Chop
You made them legal, but now you want to shut them down.
Taking all these employees and businesses, turning them upside-down.

It's a head shop chop.
Taking these businesses down,
chopping them off of the block.

With an election coming up, and you can make your picks.
But like the frozen pipes, you won't get your fix.

Track Name: Hate Song
I Hate you, and you hate me.
Hate my job, I hate society.
So much bottled up inside my brain,
gotta let it out before I go insane.
So hate me, hate me, I want you to hate me,
world's on my back and I can't break free
hate me, hate me, just fucking break me
the hate life, hate life,
One big hate spree.
Hate your job, hate your boss.
Nothing's ever good enough.
Sick and tired of all your class.
Take your money, stick it up your ass.
Hate me, hate me, go ahead and hate me
world's on my back and I can't break free
hate me, hate me, go on a hate spree
the hate life, the hate life, a life of hatred.