First Grade Failure Demo

by First Grade failure



3 High school kids playing punk.

this is some demo we put out when we were like 15 under a differant band name


released December 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Excrement Face Winnipeg, Manitoba


two kids from winnipeg

we play fast/short/agressive grind-influenced punk stuff.

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Track Name: Cool Race
Made a car out of wood
Raced it just like I should
Put CO2 in the back,
Now I'm out on the track

Cool Race

Watch me go really fast
See everyone that I pass
Maybe it's beginners luck
too bad my eyes are fucked
Track Name: Drunk and Stupid
I can do stupid things on my own
I don't need alcohol
you can't tell me what to do
if this is the life you choose
passing out on the street
it's something that I don't need
waste of money, you're a waste of time
doing dumb things is a decision of mine

drunk and stupid

So fucked up, you can't see
you won't get control of me
waste of money, you're a waste of time
doing dumb things is a decision of mine
Track Name: On the Streets
Don't want to go to school
you can't make me
no homework for me
don't want to go to work
don't want to get a job
I'd rather live on the streets

On the streets

I got no education
I got no college fund
I don't need a degree
collect spare change for food
sleep on a cardboard box
that's a life for me
Track Name: Waste
I'm all by myself
and I feel fine
I don't need anyone to waste my time
I don't have money anyway
Not going to throw it all away

You're a waste, waste
I don't got time
I probably do, but you're a waste of time

Not gonna devote myself to you right now
It's not worth it
I'm not gay, but if you are that's fine
all in all, I don't got the time
Track Name: Slaves
People said I had no future
Maybe I'm not just a boozer
Don't know what to do for cash
All I want to do is smash
I never want to use my mind
Meaning of insane redefined
their system doesn't work for me
something I don't want to be

Slaves for the upper class
Do what you're asked
Never think for yourself
follow everybody else

I don't want to be another slave
for some corporate scum
lying, cheating everyone
his life must be such a bore
don't want to listen anymore
can I ever leave this town
always stuck with a frown
but nothing matters years from now
just grow up to be another slave
Track Name: No More Authority
They tell you how to act,
They tell you how to be
They'll use their power
to do what they please

Raise your fist, stand and fight
Don't back down, Know you're right
Don't get beat by their system
Subvert until they listen

Your power is pointless
I'm not scared of you

Police brutality, corruption, dishonesty
your aggressive ways, they won't work on me
Track Name: Psycopath
50 thousand midgets
standing on the road
I wanna see them all explode
Steal a city bus
set it to blow
I can see their fear
everyone knows
I'm a psychopath
so send me away
I wouldn't want to be
any other way
I'm a psychopath
Run away, 'cause I'm gonna
eat your face, I'm a psychopath

When I go out
everyone hides
I wanna make a human slip and slide
I got no remorse for the dead
chop you up, cook your head
use your fingernails as a pick
pay you 10 bucks to punch my dick
you may thing I have rabies
I just want to eat your babies
I'm a psychopath

So send me on the Oprah show
Hope I don't burn down the studio
I'll jump on her head
smell her hair
throw her down a flight of stairs
I'm on doctor Phil today
steal his mustache, run away
play at a show tonight
one thing I cant do right
Track Name: Kellan's Melons
kellan is a melon