Excrement Face // You're Decide Split

by Excrement Face

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**REMASTERED AS OF 7/20/2016*****

A split tape we did with the awesome band "You're Decide". Check em out @ youredecide.bandcamp.com

Recorded at our jam space, Selkirk, April 2016

Chad - Bass/Guitar/Vocals
Adrian - Drums/Vocals

Download includes the full split + 2 bonus tracks.


released May 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Excrement Face Winnipeg, Manitoba


two kids from winnipeg

we play fast/short/agressive grind-influenced punk stuff.

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Track Name: Skateboard
Shooting kids in the back
Only 'cause they are black?
People scared when they see the
A punch in the face to make them

Intimidation and violence
State of fear, everyone hides in silence
Violence and intimidation
Killing spreads throughout the nation

Not every cop's a bastard
Sure, spread that around
But how many wouldn't pass the chance
to slam you right to the ground

(Breaking heads, breaking decks, snapping boards and snapping necks)
Track Name: Electric Chair
Tyrants, psychopaths, mentally ill, give them all the right to kill.
Trained to lose all moral thoughts make people want to fear the cops.

There's no justice anymore, the system's rotten to the core,
letting these killers run around free shooting everyone that they please
and you can never feel safe again because there's no electric chair for them.

You can never feel safe again, there's no electric chair for them, nobody can be truly free so long as they're authority.
Track Name: Antagonist
I'm not coming of age
I'm coming of hate
Eradication and decimate
Willful acts to cease demands
I'm the fucking disease called man

Gotta kill everything
Track Name: Quietus
Mouldering in my own mind, evasive over time.
Detest myself, what I have become.
Nadir of my day is when I wake up.
Indulged myself in what I loathe, accepting it as I grow old.
Swallowing pills to pass the days, as I repel this daunting phase.

Bleak obsession
Bleak Aggression

Down the throat to end despair
Fuck you all I never cared.
Track Name: Hate II
You use fake biased news reports to rationale your racist ways. You don't know whats going on, just a new excuse to hate. And when I don't support you, you see it as white shame. That's not the fucking point their lives matter the same. You infect all those around you with your biased hateful shit. you say you're not a racist when you're judging by their skin. You don't want to know about your own hypocrisy, nobody wants to know about their own hypocrisy. Recognize the struggle, recognize the pain because with people like you around nothing will ever change
Track Name: Mose, A.K.A Fart-Boy
Out with her, had to let her go, but did you know her name was fart-boy?
Track Name: Where's Juicy?
Where the hell did those two go, they went to score six hours ago, why don't they just answer their phones, I'm waiting here all alone.

They're not coming back.
Where did they go? Hell if I know.

So I tuned into CNN, two kids slaughtered in the north end
Life gets tough when your friends don't come back with the stuff.
Track Name: Father Son Sumo Fight
There was this guy named Owen Wilson, he liked to have sexy times with the ladies, he stuck his peepee in a girl's peepee and now they have a son named Wong Jong

Wong Jong Wilson and Owen Wilson like to sumo wrestle together
Owen Wilson and Wong Jong Wilson get in the ring and start having the fun times

Owen Wilson and Wong Jong Wilson have earned the title of greatest father and son sumo wrestling and they're super fat and super cool

Wong Jong Wilson and his mom's not even there she doesn't any hair it is Wong Jong Wilson and his father like to sumo wrestle
Track Name: You're Decide - Novelist The
You see the people as they walk through the door,
Living people, not anymore.

You see the people and they're dead.
It's just inside of your head.