Number Two

by Excrement Face

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Our newest Full-Length made up some regurgitated stuff from old projects, and other song's we've been meaning to record for a few years with some new ones thrown in the mix.

Includes a remastered version of "Moze" from our Split with You're Decide, and maybe a few other things?

we used guitar on this record, is that cheating or what?


released June 9, 2016

Chad - Bass/Guitar/Vocals
Adrian - Drums/Vocals

Recorded May 2016 at our jam space in Selkirk/MB
Mixing/Mastering by Chad
All songs written by us, with help from Julian Banks on tracks 3,4,5




Excrement Face Winnipeg, Manitoba


two kids from winnipeg

we play fast/short/agressive grind-influenced punk stuff.

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Track Name: Positive Over Negative
I wish I could be carefree and think happy thoughts, but you act like it's so easy and I just can't shut my mind off. I try my hardest every day but I just can’t find any PMA. Especially when it's cold as shit, it's hard to find the positive.
Track Name: Broken Boner
Fell down doing a trick and I think I broke my dick, is it supposed to be in two, what the fuck am I gonna do? Never skate when there's hot guys around because you might break your dick if you fall down.
Track Name: Bags
What you say is what you're not, you make the story you make the plot, nobody ever should believe you I could always see right through you, our trust will always be broken, no more lies should be spoken out of your mouth just stay silent before things start to get violent. Who do you think you are always taking things too far, hallowed heart and weakened mind wasting everybody's time, there's good in you but you can't see you can change positively make the effort and better yourself instead of putting down everyone else. From friends to strangers can happen so quickly but to repair what’s broken isn't always that easy. Wake up and see the truth nobody else will take your abuse you'll get knocked sooner or later you're not under everyone’s radar, what you say is what you’re not to get out of trouble you'll make it up one day you'll get hunted down and none of your "friends" will be around.
Track Name: Watch Your Profanity
Don’t swear you should care about your hair I'm just being fair watch yo profanity provide for your family keep your sanity stop acting manly for good morality convert to Christianity but it might cause insanity so just watch your profanity. Don’t say what the beep is this cause kids might watch this show.
Track Name: Let's Goaden
I don’t want my youth to slip away but the future doesn’t want to wait, I want to enjoy the few years I have before I get too old and fat so lets goaden. I’m pretty scared of what the future holds, peoples’ lives get so fucking boring when they're old but I'll know that the old days were the best when I go and dig up my first studded vest.
Track Name: Mind Your Own
So what if I’m clean what’s it to you, living life with my own views why try to change my mind why waste your time cause I don’t drink I don’t smoke and it’s a matter of my own choice. I'll say it once and I won’t say it again because they won’t shut up about straight edge bands, I’m not trying to think for anyone else I’m just thinking for myself and that’s all I’m gonna say.
Track Name: Ernest
Wave your arms around your face goose step with no such grace head looking down where you can't see stay at least five feet from me, break out the windmill. Well I'm sick and tired of all your macho shit roided meat heads pulling out their dicks where’s all the compassion gone aren't you all just here for fun?
Track Name: Anti-Love Song
You're so stupid and I hate you, this songs special because its true. Anti-love song I hate you so much and I’m not gonna take care of you and I want you to die right now, yeah.
Track Name: ACAB
Four hundred and more each day victims of your ways you piece of shit ACAB why is there so much violence aren't you keeping peace how many more each day when will it cease? Held down and choked to death accident you shrug deaths you try to sweep under the rug people who had voices people who had names how many more will suffer the same pain?
Track Name: Kids
I don't care who you are, I don't care about your car who are you trying to impress just give it a fucking rest because what you say is what you're not when you look in the mirror and think "wow I'm hot". Try to dress for the society that you fit in so nicely, try to talk shit on me but I’m the one laughing at you. Fashion trends you get all the friends you poop your pants and wear depends you think I wanna be just like you, but you couldn't be further from the truth.
Track Name: No Close
I can see I'm far away, you distance me so I can't play separate me from your world of power and I'll separate you from this world. That's too far.
Track Name: hey wats up lol
hey wats up lol ya me to same lol stupid kids on their ass go outside and shovel grass
Track Name: Jason's Helicopter Ride
Jason’s helicopter ride went way up to the sky it only lasted about a second. Jason went.
Track Name: Feeding
Millions of lives lost in vain all for political and resource gain. No more, stop war. Billions spent on nuclear bombs that will rape the earth and kill us all war is pointless war is hate it will be the end of the human race.
Track Name: In My Head
Your lies and bullshit you make me feel sick I’m not someone to go to for your kicks you're so negative all you bring is dread I’m losing my mind so get out of my head. You drag me down when I was feeling fine I don't want to hear you complaining all the time I can't solve your problems solve them yourself you're causing me stress go bug someone else. You're in my head
Track Name: Pencil Crayon
Shove a pencil crayon in my butt hole ok that hurts you can take it out now this guy shoved a pencil crayon up his dick, that man’s name was Owen Wilson.
Track Name: Slaves
Not looking forward to the future feeling like a fucking loser don't know what to do for cash and all I want to do is smash I never want to use my mind the meaning of insane redefined these systems don’t appeal to me something I don’t want to be a slave for the upper-class do what you're asked never think for yourself follow everybody else. I don’t want to be another slave for some corporate scum, lying cheating everyone, life becoming such a bore don’t want to listen any more will I ever leave this town I'm slowly rotting to the ground nothing matters years from now I'll probably just become another slave.
Track Name: Eet Poop
Yuppies with their asses up tight macho men who only fight drunk guys stupid and violent too washed up punx trying to sue, eet poop. Stupid kids who think they're cool people who think violence rules assholes who just bring you down people who think they like this town.
Track Name: Quiet Guy
You ask me how I'm doing today, I'll say fine then they go away spouting off about their own lives they keep talking and I'm just nodding my head like I don’t care what you have to say don't ask me about my day I can’t relate so I won’t try I'm a quiet guy. Small talk no brain is frie I no try.